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The SCRJ was founded in 2008 by a group of rabbis and lay leaders from congregations throughout the United States, as a national voice of advocacy for the broad, universalistic ideals of the Classical Reform tradition - the historic progressive interpretation of liberal Judaism in America. We seek to preserve and creatively renew the deep spiritual values, rich intellectual foundations and distinctive worship traditions that have historically distinguished the Reform Movement. Read More...

Tragedy in Paris: Society for Classical Reform Judaism Speaks Out

StainedGlassFlagTablets_Scheuer-brightened_cropped_rev1The Society for Classical Reform Judaism expresses its sorrow in the face of the tragedy that has unfolded in Paris this past week.  We join all people of conscience throughout the world in condemning the attacks on the journalists of Charlie Hebdo, the French police officers, and the victims at the Hyper Cacher supermarket, singled out for murder solely because they were Jews.  Our hearts go out to their families and to all the people of France, of every faith and ethnicity.

In the face of the ongoing spread of violence and bigotry against our fellow Jews in France and throughout Europe, we stand in anguish and in solidarity.  We pray for their safety and call upon the world’s leaders to forcefully confront the spread of anti-Semitism emerging from whatever source- both native political extremists as well as radical Islamists. At the same time, as fellow children of Abraham, we affirm our ties to the vast majority of Muslims who understand and live their religion as a force for peace and justice, and we seek to join with them in confronting and rooting out the forces of extremism  and racism that corrupt all of our religious traditions and are the true examples of blasphemy.

Grand Synagogue Paris

Grande Synagogue of Paris, site of the Memorial Ceremony on January 11

As American Jews who embrace the historic liberal, universalistic ideals of the Classical Reform tradition, we stand in witness to the vital importance of a progressive, inclusive vision of religious commitment in the face of all expressions of narrow, rigid, fundamentalism.

We also  particularly affirm our conviction that the destiny and mission of the Jewish People is to observe our faith and contribute our gifts to all of the cultures and societies in which we live as loyal, committed citizens. While we are deeply supportive of the role of the State of Israel as a center of Jewish life and a place of refuge for those of our brothers and sisters who suffer oppression and persecution in other lands, we believe that there must be strong, vital and secure Jewish communities throughout the world – particularly in the great historic centers such as France, which has had a thousand year history of Jewish life, learning and faith.  We pray that the Jews of France, forcefully supported and protected by their government and fellow citizens, will choose to remain in their home country and bear witness to the victory of justice, human rights and democratic values over the dark forces of hatred and violence… and will continue to play a vital role in the distinctive heritage of culture, art and thought that has characterized France’s place in our civilization.

“Grant  us Peace…Your most precious gift…O Eternal Source of Peace…”

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In Their Own Words: Today’s Classical Reform Supporters

This summer issue of The Reform Advocate highlights the very moving stories of six Classical Reform supporters who answer the question: What drew you to Classical Reform Judaism? or Why are you a Classical Reform Jew?  Click on the image below to read this special issue.

Advocate_Summer_2014_Aug6_Final 1


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The New Union Haggadah, Revised Edition, Now Available for Purchase!


Now Available for Purchase


Blends the best of the old and the new! This thoughtful update of this beloved Haggadah preserves the elegance and beauty of the original version while making it relevant to 21st Century families.

Not only does The New Union HaggadahRevised Editionpreserve the literary beauty and the broad, universalistic spirit of the 1923 edition, it also creatively incorporates the beautiful original artwork. The revision is being created in cooperation with the Society for Classical Reform Judaism.

Updates Include:  Gender Sensitive Language, Inclusive Approach, Full Transliteration, Miriam’s Cup Ritual

Go to the CCAR website at  www.ccarnet.org, or to www.amazon.com

If you are a member of a Union of Reform Judaism (URJ) congregation, please call your temple to ask if they can order a copy (copies) for you.  All URJ congregations receive a discount on purchases of The New Union Haggadah.


Hardcover, full color, or
Large Print Paperback, black and white
Price: $18.00
ISBN 978-0-88123-218-9
212-972-2626 x243

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Spring Reform Advocate Highlights The New Union Haggadah

NewUnionHaggadah_Page_081_CroppedColorThe introduction of The New Union Haggadah, as well as selected pages from the Haggadah, are highlighted in this Spring issue of the Reform Advocate.  In these few excerpts, you will get a flavor of the poetry and beauty of the graphics in this new publication, created by the CCAR Press in cooperation with the Society for Classical Reform Judaism.

Click here to read the Spring 2014 issue of The Reform Advocate.

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Classical Reform Videos Now Posted on our Website!

As a part of our commitment to providing Classical Reform resources, we are now posting videos of Classical Reform worship Services, programs and interviews with Classical Reform leaders. You will find these videos under the “Videos” tab in the menu bar. Here is an example of one of our services.


In the Majesty of Holiness: A Worship Service in the Classical Reform Heritage

This service was performed at Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem, on April 11, 2013, and was co-sponsored by the Society for Classical Reform Judaism. It showcases Classical Reform music and includes a review of the lives and compositions of three major Reform Jewish composers – Bonia Shur, Cantor Boris Schatz and Cantor William Sharlin.

Click here to see more

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