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The SCRJ was founded in 2008 by a group of rabbis and lay leaders from congregations throughout the United States, as a national voice of advocacy for the broad, universalistic ideals of the Classical Reform tradition - the historic progressive interpretation of liberal Judaism in America. We seek to preserve and creatively renew the deep spiritual values, rich intellectual foundations and distinctive worship traditions that have historically distinguished the Reform Movement. Read More...

The New Summer Reform Advocate

Including the Feature Article:
Society’s Partnership with Hebrew Union College Enters a New and Expanded Phase

And Two Moving Personal Stories from Classical Reform Supporters:
“How I Became Captivated with the Beauty of Classical Reform Judaism,” and “Meant to Be…” and more…

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Important Survey on Worship and Interfaith Families

Does the Amount of Hebrew in a Worship Service Affect How Welcome You Feel in a Congregation?

Open UPB

By The Society for Classical Reform Judaism (posted May 11th on interfaithfamily.com)

A Pew Research Center study reports that in the last 15 years, more than half of Jews married people from other traditions; and overall, little more than 10 percent of all American Jews understand the Hebrew they can read. If you have attended services in different congregations, you know that no two congregations are alike. Some include more Hebrew than English in their services, while others more English than Hebrew. Policies and practices meant to create inclusive and welcoming communities vary greatly. There appears to be little understanding about which practices are most effective or how our different worship styles impact those in attendance.

Currently, the amount of Hebrew in a service, as well as the policies affecting interfaith families, are the subject of great debate, but little consensus. In an effort to gather data to guide these conversations, The Society for Classical Reform Judaism is asking for your help.

Your participation will help us develop an evidence-based approach to the creation of more inclusive services and communities. Encourage your friends to participate as well. Send them the link to the brief survey, listed below, through email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.

You can find the link to the survey here -> Interfaith Family and Jewish Life Survey.

The Society for Classical Reform Judaism has partnered with an academic research group at Spalding University to create and conduct this survey. We will report the results as soon as they are available.

For more information, contact us at info@renewreform.org. To learn more about The Society for Classical Reform Judaism, go to www.renewreform.org.


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Featured in this issue…

Moving stories from three interfaith families who have found spiritual homes in Classical Reform Congregations

A compelling new understanding of the evolution of Reform Judaism, presented by Rabbi Howard Berman in his new introduction of the 50th Anniversary Edition of W. Gunther Plaut’s Rise and Growth of Reform Judaism



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eBook Edition of New Union Prayerbook Now Available

New Union Prayer Book, Sinai Edition  ePrayerbook

Experience the Beauty of Classical Reform Sabbath Services and more…

iPad with UPB ePrayerbook rev3

Image of the New Union Prayer Book eBook on  iPad.  When you click the arrow in the  grey audio bar, you will hear the liturgical music. Copyright 2015, The Society for Classical Reform Judaism in collaboration with Chicago Sinai Congregation and the Central Conference of American Rabbis.

The Society published this new Union Prayer Book, Sinai Edition ePrayerbook (UPB ePrayerbook) to give everyone interested in Classical Reform Judaism an opportunity to experience the beauty of a Classical Reform Service in their own home, in a group or on the road with a mobile device.

We know from experience that many unaffiliated Jews, interfaith couples and families, and spiritual seekers of different backgrounds feel welcomed, inspired and comforted by Classical Reform Jewish worship.  It is our hope that this new UBP ePrayerbook will connect and reconnect many people to the beauty and power of a Classical Reform Service.


• Two Sabbath Services
• An accessible worship experience for non-Hebrew  speakers and readers.  The services are conducted primarily in English.  The Hebrew portions include the transliteration and translation of the texts.
• An emphasis on the universal Prophetic Ethics of our Reform Jewish Heritage.
• Embedded Music from Historic & Contemporary Reform Repertoire
• Stunning Photos of American Reform Temple Sanctuaries
• Special Prayers & Meditations
• Gender Inclusive Language

The UPB eBook is available on iTunes, Kindle and Google Play, at the lowest possible price. Our goal is not to profit from this book, but to make 21st century Classical Reform worship accessible and affordable. Get yours today.



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SCRJ’s Growing Number of Publications

Since the founding of the Society for Classical Reform Judaism in 2008, we have created and fostered a growing body of liturgical, musical and scholarly literature that have filled a critical void in Jewish bibliography. This new issue of the Advocate includes a description of seven of our publications, ranging from an update of Rabbi Gunther Plaut’s classic history of The Rise and Growth of Reform Judaism to the publication of the new Union Prayer Book, Sinai Edition, Revised ePrayerbook.   Click on the image below to read all the details.




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