Inspiring Interfaith Stories

Inspiring Interfaith Stories: Jews & Muslims Help Each Other Through Trying Times This is the first in a series of interfaith stories about Jews and Muslims working together to combat

Martin Luther King Day: Continuing the Fight for Racial Equality

Martin Luther King Day: Continuing the Fight for Racial Equality When President Obama was elected, many of us thought that we were entering a post racial age. We now know


Chanukah and the American Spirit A reflection by Rabbi Howard A. Berman The Festival of Chanukah has always had a special significance for American Jews. The story of the Maccabees,

Interfaith Opportunity Summit

Interfaith Opportunity Summit – Embracing the New Jewish Reality   INTERFAITH MARRIAGE IS NOW MAINSTREAM The Society recently participated in and helped sponsor an historic first Interfaith Opportunity Summit, organized

Thanksgiving Prayer for our Country

The Society for Classical Reform Judaism joins Jewish communities and organizations around the country in giving thanks for our nation.  We are privileged to live in this beautiful land, where

In Memory of Edward Meyer Ackerman (July 23, 1928 – October 1, 2016)

With deep regret and in affection and respect, the Society for Classical Reform Judaism announces the recent passing of our Founding Board Member and Benefactor, Edward M. Ackerman.Edward M. Ackerman,

Coping with this Alarming Presidential Campaign

During this year’s Yom Kippur services, I found several prayers particularly timely and compelling.  Three of them, titled “Failures in Truth,” “Failures in Justice,” and  “Failures in Love,” jumped off

Yom Kippur’s Kol Nidre Prayer and Music

The Kol Nidre prayer is one of the most powerful, recognizable and beloved prayers in Jewish liturgy.  It is heard only once a year, at the beginning of the Yom

Sounds of the Shofar and Their Meaning

The High Holy Days would not be complete without the magnificent sounds of the Shofar.  In every Reform congregation I have served, and in most Reform congregations today, we sound

The New Summer Reform Advocate

Including the Feature Article: Society’s Partnership with Hebrew Union College Enters a New and Expanded Phase And Two Moving Personal Stories from Classical Reform Supporters: “How I Became Captivated with