New Union Prayer Book in Durable Paperback Format

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In New Durable
Paperback Format
Suitable For Personal & Congregational Use

The Union Prayer Book: Sinai Edition, Revised is a contemporary language, gender-neutral liturgy for Reform congregations wishing to maintain the historic worship traditions of our Movement’s heritage. Preserving the beloved texts and cadences of the 1940 Union Prayer Book, the Sinai Edition also embraces the newest developments in Jewish liturgical responses to the realities of our time—a heightened awareness of inclusive language and a recognition of the spiritual challenges of the transforming events of Jewish history in this generation.

The new Union Prayer Book is conceived to be used in a broad variety of ways—as a congregation’s major liturgy or as an alternative resource for worship services reflecting the traditions of our distinctive Reform heritage. The “UPB” is now available once again for those who cherish this tradition, as well as for a new generation seeking an accessible, embracing spiritual experience. The contemporary language version of the Union Prayer Book: Sinai Edition, Vol II, for the High Holy Days, is also available.

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