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Thanksgiving and the Jewish Tradition

Thanksgiving and the Jewish Tradition: We are all Descendants of the Mayflower! by Rabbi Howard A. Berman.   “Pilgrims Going to Church” by George Henry Boughton.. A core principle of

Louis Lewandowski’s Spirited “Halleluyah” (Psalm 150)

Louis Lewandowski’s Spirited “Halleluyah” (Psalm 150) Louis Lewandowski (1821-1894) was a famous choir director and Cantor, and a prolific composer of Jewish liturgical music.  His body of work includes compositions

Reflections on Independence Day

Reflections on Independence Day… “Let us rededicate ourselves to continue, with love and devotion, to do our part, as Americans and as Jews, to build a nation true to its

New Union Prayer Book in Durable Paperback Format

UNION PRAYER BOOK, SINAI EDITION, REVISED In New Durable Paperback Format Suitable For Personal & Congregational Use The Union Prayer Book: Sinai Edition, Revised is a contemporary language, gender-neutral liturgy

Our Spiritual Commencement: June Celebrations and the Tradition of Confirmation

We hope you enjoy our new monthly blog series  – “This Month in Our Reform Jewish Heritage.”  This educational series, written by Rabbi Howard A. Berman, offers a unique perspective

Emma Lazarus – Author of the Famous Sonnet on the Statue of Liberty – “The New Colossus”

Raising the Voices of Jewish Women: A Special Monthly Series by the Society for Classical Reform Judaism. Until the twentieth century, the voices of Jewish women – accounts of their

View a Beautiful Classical Reform Sabbath Service

Many people who are interested in Classical Reform worship services do not live near a Classical Reform  congregation.  Their only option to experience a Classical Reform service is through audio

What is Classical Reform Judaism?

SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF CLASSICAL REFORM JUDAISM Excerpts from “A Concise Profile,” by Rabbi Howard Berman   Classical Reform Judaism is one expression of Reform Judaism that is resonating with the

Passover: Remembering and Honoring the Role of Women

FOUR COURAGEOUS WOMEN & ONE COURAGEOUS YOUNG GIRL HELPED SAVE MOSES & THE ISRAELITES Yochoved, Miriam, Shifra, Puah, and Batya (Pharaoh’s Daughter) As Passover begins Jews and interfaith families and

The Beautiful and Moving New Union Haggadah

THE NEW UNION HAGGADAH Now Available at a Special 40% Discount For Friends and Supporters of the Society for Classical Reform Judaism     Courtesy of the CCAR This beautiful volume, edited