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Sabbath Eve Worship in the Tradition of Classical Reform Judaism

scrj-cd-come-o-sabbath-01This first production in our new series of CD’s features a Sabbath Service from the Union Prayer Book – Sinai Edition, conducted by Rabbi Howard A. Berman, with music performed by Cantor Erik Contzius accompanied by choir and organ. The beautiful musical selections include both great historic masterpieces of the Reform repertoire, as well as newly composed choral works by today’s leading synagogue composers. A specially prepared booklet with the complete Prayer Book text of the program enables listeners to follow the Service as a personal worship experience. We know that you will find this program meaningful and that it will enable many people to experience the beauty and inspiration of the historic Reform worship traditions that we cherish.

Free CD, plus shipping.  For more information, contact us at, or call 617-247-4700.


Highlights of High Holy Day Music

scrj-cd-open-the-gates-01In the midst of the many textures of the worship of these Holy Days – it is the beloved melodies and the soaring harmonies of the most famous musical elements of these Services that leave some of the most lasting impressions. Indeed, two of the most important highlights of these observances are the sounding of the Shofar, accompanied by the grand choral responses on Rosh Hashanah, and the haunting strains of the Kol Nidre chant that inaugurate the solemnity of Yom Kippur. And for many people, the echoes of the lyrical setting of Max Janowskl’s beloved Avinu Malkeynu, define the deep emotional impact and spiritual power of this season.

Free CD, plus shipping.  For more information, contact us at, or call 617-247-4700.

Classical Sacred and Classical Reform Jewish Music Albums and Soundtracks

This music has the power to inspire Jews from every generation and of every affiliation.

Click on the link below to download this interactive Excel catalogue that includes iTune links to the albums and their audio clips.

Classical Reform Music Albums and Soundtracks

This is a compilation of commercial recordings of “classical” sacred Jewish liturgical music. Most of the pieces are “Classical Reform” music written specifically for Reform Jewish worship with choir and organ or piano.  We have included other unique pieces, such as the Renaissance polyphony (a style of musical composition employing two or more simultaneous but relatively independent melodic lines) of Salamone Rossi, which was written before the birth of Reform Judaism. Rossi’s music represents a break from the widely observed Orthodox prohibition against playing musical instruments during worship services for the Sabbath and major Festivals.

It is the hope of the Society for Classical Reform Judaism that this discography will guide those looking to purchase and listen to this unusual and under-appreciated music as an avenue for continued spiritual and intellectual growth. The grandeur and contemplative complexity of this music represents the best and noblest aspirations of Western Jewish communities throughout the past four centuries.


Many thanks to Jordan Friedman for creating this extraordinary resource. This wouldn’t have been possible without his passion for and vast knowledge of Classical Reform music. (Friedman served as an intern for the Society and is an aspiring rabbinic student. )

We hope you enjoy these classic pieces, as well as the beautiful contemporary music that is part of Classical Reform worship today.

Individual Music Tracks

You Shall Love the Eternal God” composed by Erik Contzius (mp3)

This beautiful composition of the V’ahavtah was performed by Cantor Evan Cohn and Cantor Yvon Shore at the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ) Biennial in December, 2013.

cantor-erik-contiziusCantor Erik Contzius, the composer, was commissioned by the Society to create this new piece of music.  You can listen to Contzius himself sing You Shall Love the Eternal God on the Society’s CD, Come O Sabbath Day!, which is a recording of a Sabbath eve Service in the tradition of Classical Reform Judaism.  Purchase your copy of Come O SabbathDay! and to listen to Cantor Contzius sing his V’ahavta and other tracks on this CD.