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The Union Prayer Book: Sinai Edition, Revised is a contemporary language, gender-neutral liturgy for Reform congregations wishing to maintain the historic worship traditions of our Movement’s heritage. Preserving the beloved texts and cadences of the 1940 Union Prayer Book, the Sinai Edition also embraces the newest developments in Jewish liturgical responses to the realities of our time—a heightened awareness of inclusive language and a recognition of the spiritual challenges of the transforming events of Jewish history in this generation.

The new Union Prayer Book is conceived to be used in a broad variety of ways—as a congregation’s major liturgy or as an alternative resource for worship services reflecting the traditions of our distinctive Reform heritage. The “UPB” is now available once again for those who cherish this tradition, as well as for a new generation seeking an accessible, embracing spiritual experience. The contemporary language version of the Union Prayer Book: Sinai Edition, Vol II, for the High Holy Days, is also available.

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Sinai Edition,

Experience the Beauty of Classical Reform Sabbath Services and more…

The Society published this new Union Prayer Book, Sinai Edition ePrayerbook (UPB ePrayerbook) to give everyone interested in Classical Reform Judaism an opportunity to experience the beauty of a Classical Reform Service in their own home, in a group or on the road with a mobile device.

We know from experience that many unaffiliated Jews, interfaith couples and families, and spiritual seekers of different backgrounds feel welcomed, inspired and comforted by Classical Reform Jewish worship.  It is our hope that this new UBP ePrayerbook will connect and reconnect many people to the beauty and power of a Classical Reform Service.  Includes: 

      • Two Sabbath Services
      • An accessible worship experience for non-Hebrew  speakers and readers.  The services are conducted primarily in English.  The Hebrew portions include the transliteration and translation of the texts.
      • An emphasis on the universal Prophetic Ethics of our Reform Jewish Heritage.
      • Embedded Music from Historic & Contemporary Reform Repertoire
      • Stunning Photos of American Reform Temple Sanctuaries
      • Special Prayers & Meditations
      • Gender Inclusive Language

The UPB eBook is available on iTunes, Kindle and Google Play, at the lowest possible price. Our goal is not to profit from this book, but to make 21st century Classical Reform worship accessible and affordable.





This beautiful volume, edited by Rabbi Howard Berman and published by our national Reform Movement’s Central Conference of American Rabbis, is a fresh, new interpretation of the Seder that was first published in 1923.  This is a faithful revision of “the little grey book” that has been beloved by generations of American Reform Jews. Now, families who have cherished this holiday tradition, can finally replace their tattered, wine-stained copies with a beautiful new edition that seeks to preserve the elegance and beauty of the original version, while making it fresh and relevant to our time. It has been acclaimed for the magnificent blending of the traditional prayers, readings and songs – all updated – with the distinctive original Art Deco design and new, contemporary artwork created specially for this edition.

Revised Edition © Central Conference of American Rabbis, 2014.  All rights reserved.

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A Sourcebook of its European Origins


By Rabbi Gunther Plaut (author)
Rabbi Howard Berman (foreword)
Rabbi Solomon B. Freehof (foreword)
Sponsored by: Philip and Eileen
Hoffman on behalf of The Society
for Classical Reform Judaism

This fiftieth anniversary edition of W. Gunther Plaut’s classic volume on the beginnings of the Reform Jewish Movement is updated with a new introduction by Howard A. Berman. The Rise of Reform Judaism covers the first one hundred years of the movement, from the time of the eighteenth-century Jewish Enlightenment leader Moses Mendelssohn to the conclusion of the Augsburg synod in 1871.

In these pages the founders who established Liberal Judaism, which originated in eastern Europe, speak for themselves through their journals and pamphlets, books and sermons, petitions and resolutions, and public arguments and disputations. Each selection includes Plaut’s brief introduction and sketch of the reformer. Important topics within Judaism are addressed in these writings: philosophy and theology, religious practice, synagogue services, and personal life, as well as controversies on the permissibly of organ music, the introduction of the sermon, the nature of circumcision, the observance of the Sabbath, the rights of women, and the authenticity of the Bible.


The Growth of Reform Judaism: 50th Anniversary Edition

American and European Sources


By Rabbi Gunther Plaut (author)
Rabbi Howard Berman (foreword)
Rabbi Jacob K. Shankman (foreword)
Rabbi David Ellenson (afterword)
Sponsored by: The Larry and Bonnie Pike
Family Charitable Fund on behalf of The Society for Classical Reform Judaism. © Jewish Publication Society, 2015



This fiftieth anniversary edition of W. Gunther Plaut’s classic second volume on the history of the Reform Jewish Movement is a sourcebook of the original writings that shaped the second century of organized Liberal Judaism. The Growth of Reform Judaism features a new introduction, a new epilogue, and important additional primary sources documenting the profound changes of the last fifty years.

Although the emphasis in this volume is chiefly on the American scene, where the movement had its most notable advances, selections of representative Liberal Jewish thought in Europe and to a lesser degree in Israel are included as well. These selections help us to understand the emergence and character, problems and tensions of Reform Judaism as it developed and grew in modern times. In addition to the primary texts new to this edition, David Ellenson’s epilogue considers the developments of the last fifty years that have continued to shape the course of Reform Judaism.

“The characteristic diversity within Reform Judaism is underscored on virtually every page of Plaut’s volumes.” – Rabbi Howard A. Berman, executive director of the Society for Classical Reform Judaism.

“The work of Rabbi Plaut is not only crucial for an understanding of Reform Judaism; it is also indispensable for grasping the development and history of Judaism in the modern world.” – Rabbi David Ellenson, chancellor and past president of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion

“This valuable collection of source materials is designed to acquaint the reader with the primary forces in the development of Reform Judaism in Europe. From a wide range of essays, articles, speeches, and other writings, Dr. Plaut judiciously selects those that best represent the thinking of the leaders as well as of the lesser, more obscure figures of the Reform movement.”–Commentary magazine

Prayers and Readings in the Tradition of Reform Judaism (Hebrew)


One of the major highlights of the Society’s outreach to Reform Judaism abroad, has been its special relationship with Kehilat Har-El in Jerusalem, Israel’s pioneer Reform synagogue. Through this partnership, Har-El has reaffirmed its own historic roots, offering regular worship in the Classical Reform tradition as interpreted in the Israeli context. Rabbi Ada Zavidov and Cantor Evan Cohen have worked with Rabbi Howard Berman over the past year to create a unique new worship resource, to supplement the Israeli Siddur Shehakol Balev. This newly published book, B’Hadrat Kodesh: The Beauty of Holiness, offers specially prepared Modern Hebrew translations of the most enduring English texts of the Union Prayer Book – a remarkable reversal of the conventional pattern of liturgical translation over the past two centuries! This resource brings a new dimension to Reform worship in Israel which has long been a feature of American Reform liturgy – enriching the traditional Siddur texts with contemporary meditations and readings reflecting a broad range of spiritual perspectives and themes.

B’Hadrat Kodesh has been received with great enthusiasm, not only by the members of Har-El, but by many of the rabbinic and lay leaders of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism. A number of other congregations are using its readings, and planning to adopt the book for regular use. The Society will be making this volume available to American readers in the near future.


With an Introduction by Rabbi Howard A. Berman


As part of the Society’s partnership with Abraham Geiger College in Berlin, the major rabbinical seminary training Reform rabbis and cantors for European Jewish communities today, the Society was invited to contribute to this new biographical study of Rabbi Samuel Hirsch (1815-1889), one of the pioneers of the early Reform Movement in Germany and America, and father of the great American Reform rabbi, Emil G. Hirsch of Chicago Sinai Congregation. This bilingual German-English volume is part of the popular “Jewish Miniatures” series, published by the leading Jewish publisher in Germany, Verlag Hentrich & Hentrich.

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