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Many people who are interested in Classical Reform worship services do not live near a Classical Reform  congregation.  Their only option to experience a Classical Reform service is through audio and/or video recordings.  Thanks to our rapidly growing technological age, more and more congregations are beginning to stream their services live over the Internet and then store them in digital archives that anyone can access.

Temple Emanu-El of the City of New York  is one of these congregations, and they have graciously given us permission to share this video with you.  It is fitting that a Temple Emanu-El Sabbath service is the first recording of a Classical Reform service that we are highlighting on our website.  Emanu-El is a storied Reform congregation that uses the Union Prayer Book for their services. Along with hearing the moving words of the prayers, you will also see their magnificent sanctuary and experience the wonderful voices of the cantors and the extraordinary choir singing Classic Reform  and modern pieces –  accompanied by the organ.  As Temple Emanu-El says on their website, “We pride ourselves on our inspiring worship experiences.”

We hope you enjoy this service.  Your comments are always welcome.

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Temple Emanu-El’s Vision Statement…

Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York:
A Bold Reform Congregation Where Warmth and Majesty Meet

Our Legacy

In keeping with our founding in 1845 as the first Reform Jewish Congregation in New York City, Temple Emanu-El continues to build upon its legacy of leadership and the timeless values of Jewish tradition as we strive toward a more just, ethical and compassionate world. We commit our spiritual, intellectual, physical and financial resources to strengthening our community today for a vital tomorrow.

Our Community

We are a community of warmth and awareness where every individual matters. We embrace our diverse membership and offer all who comprise it a meaningful life grounded in Judaism. Our membership’s size and varied backgrounds, experiences and ideas are a foundational strength, providing opportunities for meaningful connections for all. We cherish the friendships made and developed through our active experiences in temple life.

Our Passion

We pride ourselves on our inspiring worship experiences; our lifelong opportunities to study, learn and grow; our remarkable tradition of philanthropy; and the fullness of our religious and cultural offerings. We value our historic role as a Jewish voice in New York City, our country and the world.

Our Commitment

Membership is an invitation to join a community of faith, hope and promise. We invite each member to engage actively in the dynamic life of our synagogue and thereby grow spiritually through prayer, intellectually through education and morally through righteous action (tikkun olam). We affirm solidarity with the Jewish people and our historic presence in the State of Israel.


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